Nectain E-Requisition

Purchase Requisitions Made Compliant & Budget-Friendly

Break most of purchase limitations — getting 100% performance visibility to instantly enforce your operational efficiency through P2P lifecycle


Make Your Team Free From Manual Revisions, Policy Violations & Daunting Approvals With Nectain

Unlimited Buying Experience

Nectain E-Requisition is a powerful software solution designed to make your purchase requisitions finally free from the lion’s share traditional limitations in procurement often found hampering P2P processes. Now your team can forget about manual revisions or any policy violations once and for all — with easy record keeping, maximum flexible terms of payment, preferred pricing, volume discounts, and much more.

Consistency, Guidance, Efficiency

Now your organization can feel totally secured, as Nectain makes it possible to see all your vendors and suppliers producing only budget-friendly deals, timely approvals and zero policy violations with each and every Purchase Order handled through the company. Make sure your purchase requisitions are consistently captured and properly routed with the highest possible performance visibility — up to their ultimate approval.

Data Security & Spend Control

Benefit from the highest level of data security with automated approvals, click-through access to comments and adjustments — making 100% transparent & trackable history displayed within a single user-friendly online requisition system by Nectain. Get your company armed with easy Budget Execution and extremely useful Elastic Search functions providing quick reference to all documentation you need by means of electronic libraries, integrated Task Manager & interactive boards.

Live Budget Impact

With the latest E-Requisition software solution by Nectain, your team can stay always informed on the live budget impact coming with each potential request — long before making a decision to buy. Now all responsible employees can easily understand their actual position in the approval chain, instantly grab any transaction detail they need to be always on top of proactive decision-making and, therefore, leave the door open for even greater budget enforcement.

Online Requisition System By Nectain Giving You Consistency For Any Need