Nectain E-Category

Mitigate Supply Chain Risks With Striking Category Management

Set better relations with key suppliers, leverage re-usable processes through all categories, and reveal new sources of value across your Supply Chain


Drive Global Impact Across All Your Sourcing Categories With The Latest Category Management Solution By Nectain

Sourcing Efficiency

Achieve the highest possible level of standartization to see only efficient category development for your business. Gain an in-depth understanding of each vendor to mitigate Supply Chain risks effectively like never before. Instantly uncover newer sources of value across the entire organization. With Nectain E-Category, you can quickly define the right methodology and make it well-aligned with Analytics and Strategic Sourcing in your company — as we have been working hard to create the most productive category management tool supporting maximum seamless integration, initiation, deployment and user-friendly experience.

Significant Savings

Take full benefit of holistic spending with the latest innovation in category management finally out with Nectain E-Category! This tool will help you quickly bring in the economies of scale using streamlined sourcing strategy — as now even the most specific goals and long-term targets in procurement can be easily connected with any purposes of current importance to your business. Expand your operations, stay always informed to identify the right suppliers nearly in no time, and manage demand proactively — enforce greater compliance and have a measurably better value-adding capacity right from your day one!

Simple Tracking & Reporting

Let the latest category management solution by Nectain become your unfailing assistant for simple tracking and reporting. Handle all existing operational activities in 100% correlation with your long-term strategy execution. Experience global impact of Strategic Sourcing — drive your current procurement strategy to a qualitatively new level of fulfillment with only knowledge-driven action-taking and readily accessible financial reporting. Ensure all prerequisites for successful category management are always in place — from supplier performance tracking and savings analysis to continuous engagement among stakeholders giving the green light to best possible purchasing decisions.

Improved Spend Visibility

E-Category tool by Nectain can help your procurement team quickly leverage their expertise in category management and, therefore, drastically enforce the overall commercial performance of your enterprise. Take full benefit of real-time updates in pricing, backed with improved spend visibility and in-depth analysis. Now you can always have a 100% transparent view of organizational spend — making it possible to instantly identify the best areas for development. Get invaluable insights on any sourcing categories, which can be isolated to incorporate global spend or any additional supplier data — and quickly measured against the actual market or benchmarking KPIs of your choice.

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