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Customization and custom developments

The creation of new functionality based on the client’s needs
(Should be mostly done by partners in the future)

  1. The creation of technical documentation of what should be done
  2. Programming
  3. Testing
  4. Managing the development process

Business process analysis

Thanks to thorough business process analysis (BPA), organizations can identify areas for improvement. During BPA, potential problems can be found and managed. Mapping all the processes is key to determine the process and task flow while analyzing the most effective way for its successful management.

Business process analysis often determines missing processes or tasks.
The extent of BPA can vary depending on the level of the organization’s existing architecture. However, the BPA is an essential step before advancing into business process digital transformation.

Business process
transformation / digitalization

Issues and space for improvement identified in BPA are eliminated by business process transformation. This process of business digitalization results in vast operations and business risk reduction.

The reasons and need for business process transformation are obvious, with the question not being WHY? or IF? but really only WHEN?. The longer the organization postpones the decision about its business processes digitalization, the more complicated and expensive it gets to perform the actual transformation.

Current trends and demand on organizations in terms of business agility, cost reductions, and overall effectiveness as well as the urgent need for regulatory compliance makes business process digitalization a crucial step in an organization’s development or, in many cases, a business’ survival.

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Software implementation

Depending on the scope, results of the business process analysis, and existing software infrastructure, Nectain can be implemented by a team of professionals who ensure a smooth transition and the full end-to-end automation of processes.

Using our team will allow faster implementation and process transformation while training your own employees for the software operations.

Software Integrations

One of the key benefits of the Nectain solution is its versatility for systems integrations. Disposing of own Business Process Management capabilities and advanced Document Management System features, integration with any existing software. Eventually, Nectain had numerous platforms, where integration was already developed and tested in numerous organizations.

Such platforms include CRM systems, project management and task management solutions, accounting software, procurement management and warehousing solutions, and many more.

Enterprise custom solution

Does your organization need a custom solution? We are here for you! Custom enterprise solutions and software development is our area of expertise. Contact us directly to discuss your needs and to understand how we can solve them effectively.

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Nectain provides custom solutions tailored to the needs of your organization. From process identification, architecture and set up, through complex document management systems, to full end-to-end automation, including integration with existing systems. Nectain is the ultimate BPM and DMS solution.

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