Leading LOW-CODE platform for BPM, PM and DMS

Business process implementation low code platform

Nectain is a Camunda-based business processes modeler synchronized with strong DMS. It allow for the automation of business processes, document management, and organizational structuring.
The successful digitalization of your organization’s processes starts here!

nectain architecture

Business process management
Analyze, model, execute, and automate any custom business process. Creating business schemes has never been easier. You either create your own solution or use predefined processes from the NECTAIN process library.
Document management system
Get your documents under control thanks to the NECTAIN DMS module. You can easily track, record, store, and manage every digital and paper document in your company.
Combines both classic and agile projects and, therefore, is applicable to all industries and organizations. The PM module is based on WBS, Gantt Chart, Agile Methodologies, EVM, and other best PM practices.
Customer relationship management
Helps improve your customer experience, thanks to advanced tools. Managing interactions with your customers will lead to the rapid growth of their satisfaction.

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and decision rules management
The Camunda-based BPMN/DMN engine allows for the creation of business processes of any level of complexity with no coding needed
API generator
The platform both generates its own APIs and easily uses external APIs to organically integrate with major platforms. It includes pre-built integration blocks with other systems such as Salesforce, MS SharePoint, GoogleMaps, FastTax, DocuSign, etc.
security and transparency
The inbuilt auto-recording system helps keep track of any changes of data or processes
A single instance of the software application serves multiple customers
No code
powerfull Document
management system
New document types are visually configured so development requires no-coding. DMS is integrated with Camunda BPMN 2.0.
The application works via mobile, tablet, and web versions.
The application is fully compliant with EU GDPR requirements and supports personal data security.
adding value features
Wide administration and localization features, in-built electronic signatures, PDF converter tool.

get your tailored solution

Nectain provides custom solutions tailored to the needs of your organization. From process identification, architecture and set up, through complex document management systems, to full end-to-end automation, including integration with existing systems. Nectain is the ultimate BPM and DMS solution.

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