Our Story

Nectain is a global tech company providing business with innovative End-to-End Enterprise Spend Management Solution. We are driven with the ambition of creating an all-inclusive digital ecosystem which utilizes the full potential of Procurement Automation and optimized Vendor Spending.

While the modern enterprises often appear packed with traditional paperflow and manual routine, the lack of effective Spend Management, data integrity and consolidation resulting in poor visibility — all that would inevitably bring additional overspending and other catastrophic disasters that impact the overall productivity and long-term sustainability.

Nectain is all about building a sustainable business to meet the bottom line of all stakeholders: business shareholders can reasonably expect to get the right ROI guaranteed, CEOs are meant to gain more Spend Under Management, CFOs/COOs will possess higher operational efficiency with effective savings reconciliation ensured, and CPOs who need to drastically improve the overall staff productivity, gain stronger spend control and see the average transaction cost driven to the minimum.

We are doing best to deliver the first ultimate SaaS software aiming at maximizing Procurement contribution to the company of any scale, capacity or industry targeting. Nectain covers each and every corner of Spend Management, namely Strategy & Planning (Budgeting, Analytics, Categories, Planning), Source-to-Contract (Supplier Relationship Management, Sourcing, Contract), Procure-to-Pay cycle (Requisition, Order, Payment), and Shelf-to-Customer (Inventory).

Our technological background goes hand in hand with the latest innovations (RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, etc.). Nectain can quickly elevate the income-generating capacity of your business to a qualitatively new level with G&A cost reduced by up to 30%, working capital optimized by another 5%, and budget savings elevated by up to 10%.

Nectain has extensive expertise in global Supply Chain Management, Strategic Sourcing, Procurement Process Automation, Software Integration, and Digital Transformation. We started the journey as long as 5 years ago, with a core team of experts passionate about generating new-brand sources of value in Procurement. And now Nectain can readily support the enterprises with innovative Spend Management practices well-polished for over a decade.

Our excellence is supported with a tech partnership by INTECRACY GROUP, the international IT giant with 20+ years history well-known globally for nearly 2,000 unique projects realized for corporate clients (business process management, electronic workflow, accounts payable automation, mobile apps, cyber security, etc).

There are No Gaps in the Value we Deliver!

Our Procurement Journey

  • 2013

    Company founders lead international projects on procurement functional transformation and automation.

  • 2014

    Key staff consult on Strategic Sourcing strategies implementation at the leading European companies.

  • 2015

    Nectain leaders begin to take an active part in developing procurement community in Eastern Europe.

  • 2016

    Our procurement experts provide consulting services on Integration with public procurement platform.

  • 2017

    Discussion starts on cooperation models with technology partner Intecracy Group. The Roadmap for creating Nectain End-to-End Solution is defined.

  • 2018

    Entering Global Market with Nectain End-to-End Spend Management Solutions.

Partners We Trust

"Systemnyi Vybor" company,
Exclusive Partner in CIS

Representative of the Nectain brand.
Russia, 121151, Moscow, Raevskoho str., 4 sales@nectain.com

"IPT" company,
Exclusive Partner in Ukraine

Representative of the Nectain brand.
Ukraine, Kyiv, Vladimirskaya str., 45, contact@nectain.com

«KROK» company,
Business Partner in Russia

Listed as one of TOP 10 largest Russian IT companies. 111033, Moscow, st. Volochaevskaya, 5 K1, info@croc.ru www.croc.ru

«KPBS» company,
Business Partner in Russia

Listed as one of TOP 100 largest Russian IT companies. 115419, Moscow, Verkhniy Mikhailovsky 2-y passage, 9, St 2, sales@kpbs.ru www.kpbs.ru

"Inbase" company, Technology Partner in Ukraine

Providing innovative digital tools for managing electronic signatures and exchanging of signed documents.

"Softengi" company, Business Partner in Poland

Providing advanced IT services & solutions, Softengi Sp. z. o.o., 43-100 ul. Fabryczna 45, Tychy, P: +48 536 273 765

"Ultra Technologies", Business Partner in Azerbaidzhan.

One of the leading IT companies of Azerbaidzhan. 60 Ashiq Molla Juma str. Baku/Azerbaijan, AZ1075, info@ultra.az

VLYan s.r.o company, Business Partner in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland.

Representative of the Nectain brand. Plynární 1617/10 17000 Praha

Our Mission & Vision

Nectain Mission

We make our customers and their companies more resilient, sustainable and profitable through providing digital end-to-end spend management solutions that enhance procurement contribution to business.

Nectain Vision

We aim to become a worldwide recognized expert and trusted partner for our customers in driving their Procurement Transformation adventure with a precision-engineered digital environment for the spend management lifecycle.

We believe in

Customer success



Our partners

Intecracy Group

Our advanced technological performance & commitment to innovations are ensured by our continuous cooperation with a reliable IT Partner - Intecracy Group. It is an international consortium operating in the ICT industry, which significantly OR greatly contributes to the development & growth of innovative companies.

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