Fully customizable LOW-CODE platform for BPM, PM and DMS. A digital mirror for your company!

Innovative software for business process automation. Fully customizable modular solutions for any type of business. NECTAIN is a combination of BPM, DMS, CRM and PM, able to manage your entire organisation’s digital ecosystem. If you need your processes automized — your projects, documents, or customers managed — NECTAIN is the solution.

  • Low code platform for process definition and customization
  • Automation of processes through workflows
  • Easy integrations
  • Ready-made processes for quick and easy customer adaptation

why nectain?

Time savings & Cost reduction
Efficiently streamline workflow while reducing strain on resources and lowering costs.
Risk Management
Fully automate employee task management while having full control over every single step in the process.
Efficiency increase
Avoid wasting time on boring repetitive tasks — let the platform efficiently tick them off at the speed of light

nectain architecture

Business process management
Document management system
Customer relationship management

main capabilities

Model initialization and localization using code #
  • The process of configuring the project using code
  • Creating desktops and shortcuts
  • Import and export of datasets and prepared tabular data
  • Adding localization
  • Creating custom forms
The process of creating forms in the Admin UI
  • Element positioning on a form
  • Creating a detail panel on a form
  • Adding a filter to the drop-down list
  • Loading and displaying documents in the form
  • Creating a file storage
  • Role-Based Access Control #
Integrated functions
  • OCR
  • Transferring OCR data to entities’ attributes
The process of configuring RBAC:
  • Creating users and roles with Admin UI and use of code
  • Access to the desktop and menu items
  • Creating permissions to the entity methods for the user’s roles(Entity level security)
  • Creating permissions to the certain rows of entity`s data(Row-level security)
  • Mixins. DataHistory. SoftLock. Creating your own server method #
  • Using ready-made methods – mixins
  • DataHistory
  • SoftLock
  • SafeDelete
  • Creating your own functionality based on the server method
Integration with external API #
  • The process of communication with external services
  • Sending request to external API
  • Receiving request from external API
Administrator tools #
  • Building templates for reports based on data fetching
  • Creating diagrams of relationships between model entities
  • Auditing processes occurring in the system
BPMN 2.0 and DMN functions
  • Creating process flows
  • Setting process flow and entities status change triggering
  • Process start timing function
  • Tasks generation and tasks flow visualization
Business users’ interactions
  • Self registration in the system (Cab and Corp data exchange function)
  • Data collection and the best calculations
  • Multiselect control
  • Data validation in the table attributes

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