Running Complex Supply Chain Transformation in Logistics

We have completed a Supply Chain Transformation for the international logistics provider with over 146 M shipments handled annually...


Our experts have completed smart Supply Chain Transformation in Logistics

Handling and managing a well-established Supply Chain of global capacity is, understandably, no small task. Actually, that would be so much more than just transporting things from point A to point B. A smart Supply Chain is meant to cover it all: from packing and shipping themselves, to contract logistics and freight management.

Now imagine a Supply Chain of approx. 20-year-old international logistics company and local shipment leader, which had over $100 M annual spend in the last financial year, that is both a carrier, logistics provider and customs clearance agent to over 2,000 branch facilities worldwide, with over 150 M shipments delivered annually, and a Procurement division of over 30 staff members.


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  • Most of inbound & outbound freight activities and logistics operations streamlined
  • Procurement Team driven to better performance & effectively scaled up operation
  • Strategic decision-making facilitated with Process Automation and efficient Risk Management
  • Sourcing Safety & Supplier Loyalty improved to a qualitatively new level of performance
  • Considerable gains in Corporate Efficiency (annual vendor spend) with a smart Supply Chain transformation


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