Streamlining Supply Chain Management For Global Agribusiness

We have reorganized business processes and successfully deployed Procurement Automation for the international agriholding


Nectain Team Facilitates Supply Chain Management And Decision-Making In Procurement For Producer Of Grains & Oilseeds

In today’s agribusiness, the bigger the challenges are faced, the bigger the profits and ROI will be made. Since most of the commonest agricultural raw products are highly standardized and with respect to their price volatility, the role of producers in shaping cost-based open market quotations is understandably diminished. Therefore, for crops quoted on commodity exchanges or traded on terminal markets, production costs are the primary, or indeed in many instances the only, determinant of competitiveness.

Operating on some of the best soil in the world with a total acreage of 111,000 ha and applying the most up-to-date agronomic developments, the project requisitioner uses a comprehensive approach to produce high-quality agricultural goods in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

But losing control over field management & decision-making in Procurement still remained among the greatest threats to building even more sustainable and profitable agribusiness. The first adequate action for such clause was therefore strong and equally sustained digital transformation policy which had been handled in cooperation with Nectain’s crew. Learn how we managed to fix all outdated business procedures, improve ineffective processes, digitize formerly misaligned Supply Chain operations and even more!


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