Extensive P2P Process Automation Completed In Energy Sector

Extending Procurement Automation with E-Budgeting and Analytics for the major Energy & Utility provider


Procure-to-Pay Automation Successfully Deployed And Amended With Analytics And Budgeting Modules By Nectain

The project requisitioner, a big-time player on private Energy & Utility market in Central Asia, was looking for an extensive Procurement & Supply Chain Automation solution that would drastically improve its existing (and, actually, very much outdated) Strategic Sourcing, Spend Management, Finance, and Internal Audit software suite. Being impressed with what Nectain’s core team had done in different industries, as well as several other cross-sectoral areas of business, the client has selected E-Budgeting and E-Analytics solutions by Nectain for their must-have features, such as user-defined procedures, efficient workflow automation, and improved audit trail for optimal compliance and Risk Management.

More specifically, the project requisitioner faced the dire need for a robust solution tailored to unique demands and tough requirements of Energy & Utility sector. Most of them were basically falling into reducing errors and staff time necessary to create greater efficiencies and facilitate stronger Risk Management. And Nectain team had not only met all primary project demands in full, but also managed to perfectly keep up with the other concerns of critical importance for the client, such as real-time alerting, foolproof notification generation, quick document redlining, on-hand version management, etc.

Among the others, Nectain’s automated Procure-to-Pay software solution has successfully enabled the ability to be used within multiple departments at the same time (i.e., legal, auditing, Supply Chain, engineering, Strategic Sourcing, etc.). Check out all of these accomplishments — and even more — in a comprehensive success story which covers the full scope of the project, as well as every major area of Nectain’s work you might be interested in!

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