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New point of contact we developed exclusively for maximum simple and mutually beneficial customer-supplier enablement across the globe!

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Quickly Find The Right Suppliers Or Get Your Buyer Management Streamlined On New Supplier Network

Easy Supplier Selection

With every Supply Chain role included, Nectain Network can provide your business with the ultimate procurement experience. Now you can have a click-through access to extensive base of potential B2B partners for discovering, comparing and managing relations in real-time. Here everybody — purchasers, distributors, frontline producers, supplying companies and shipping agents — is meant to freely realize much higher business value than ever before.

Simple Buyer Management

Nectain team has developed a single place of contact for supplier enablement providing exposure to innumerable amount of B2B buyers looking for cost-efficient arrangements with reliable Supply Chain partners. Nectain Network is a self-service procurement portal making it easy for everybody to gain deeper visibility into POs and invoices, always have better payment terms, higher volumes, strongest transaction security and maximum proactive risk management — all in real-time.

Seamless Integration

Nectain Network brings a conclusive money-saving transparency and scalable efficiency into the customer-supplier collaboration. Time to join a unified business platform that can fully automate Source-to-Pay process — supporting completely seamless integration and making it possible to turn overwhelming communications, transactions and reporting into maximum quick, visible, and user-friendly things to do. No matter whether the critical factor is availability, price, location, or anything else — here the actual business needs are always getting connected with the right people.

Dedicated Support

To ensure every B2B buyer and supplier can leverage a robust networking potential in full and without putting in a tremendous effort, Nectain team has dedicated integration and support professionals available round the clock. While every company-supplier can now effortlessly streamline the process of buyer management, Nectain Network provides buyers with the ability to quickly find the right match for their business needs — equally simply & easily. Even in case you’re completely new at it!

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