Nectain E-Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing Converting Paper Savings Into REAL Value

Unlock the full potential of the first value-based eSourcing software solution giving the green light to 100% compliant and always transparent buying


Get A 360˚ View Into Market To Make Only Best Possible Decisions For Your Sourcing Category

Sourcing Streamlined

Designed to deliver maximum savings and the most procurement value to businesses, E-Sourcing solution by Nectain will help you make all strategic activities effective like never before. Forget about making phone calls or looking for documents. Let your team save more time and money, doing business with the right people and working on the right information — to buy quickly, easily and always within compliance.

Business Agility

The first truly agile sourcing software fully customized for the end user making it possible to omit the lion’s share of overwhelming processes. Use advanced mathematical algorithms making complex procedures of approval and other daunting tasks incredibly fast-to-complete. Large-scale sourcing strategies — and even the most daring initiatives — can now be quickly driven right to conclusion.

Sourcing Strategy

Remove the barriers between Sourcing and Purchasing. Understand the overall impact of strategic sourcing across your company — Nectain E-Sourcing provides greater transparency and total visibility into spend across every department and single business unit. Uncover top sourcing opportunities. Make the best possible decisions for your category with real-time statistics on sourcing events, up-to-the-minute pricing, exclusive market catalogs and live auctions.

Extended Reach

Your managers can finally have the right tools for running compliant processes efficiently, without spending weeks for what can be actually done in hours. With Nectain E-Sourcing, all potentially winning partnerships and available sourcing opportunities of top relevance become readily accessible — everything can be scanned and weighed in no time. Use a straightforward interface with dynamic dashboards to score on any specific attribute you need.

Rocket Your Business Performance With Easier And Better Sourcing Strategies