Nectain E-Planning

Unlock The Power Of Cutting-Edge Spend Management

Time to get even deeper visibility into Spend and 24/7 monitoring for continuous long-term improvement across your organization


Make Most Out Of Innovative Procurement Technologies And The Power Of Spend Analysis With Nectain E-Planning

Supply Chain Security

Use mighty algorithms infused with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Get prepared for the upcoming procurement requests — try unprecedented accuracy and intelligent data insights driven with an in-depth spend analysis. Nectain E-Planning offers you maximum effective Supply Chain coordination, 100% unfailing step-by-step process integration, strong sourcing security and performing needs aggregation tool. All that can help your company even achieve greater spend under management and make only timely purchases.

Approval Transparency & Visibility

Nectain E-Planning is the latest development in spend management designed to drive your sourcing strategies and comprehensive planning initiatives to the highest possible degree of transparency and visibility. Explore the modern technology helping to drastically reduce the entire source-to-settle lifecycle — and save time by having a clear vision of how everything in your company actually works! With a detailed sequence of BPMN-based processes, now you can forget about daunting approvals usually taking several weeks or even months to complete!

Long-Term Planning

Drive greater cost savings and higher profitability through long-term forecasting with compressed source-to-settle planning cycle time and improved risk management — making Supply Chain collaboration mutually benefitting like never before. Enjoy the truest business agility with the right benchmarks and actionable prescriptions to make decisions even more strategically — right from your day one with E-Planning by Nectain.

Smart Spend Analysis

Make most out of the unabridged enterprise-wide spend visibility to forget about all last-minute purchases, disruptive daily mess, as well as the lion’s share of potential efficiency losses, they are commonly bringing about the company’s normal operation. Use the best-in-class spend management software to measure your current success, track expected progress, maximize your early procurement and high delivery performance.

Accurate Benchmarks & Prescriptions Powered With Smart Spend Analysis