Nectain E-Order

Commendable Purchase Order Management Made Simple

Innovative PO Management tool with real-time tracking, simple drafting and click-through access to Purchase Order creation & original requisition


Essential Purchase Order Software Solution For Maximum Flexible & Speedy Procurement By Nectain

Full Customization

Nectain E-Order is the latest PO management solution designed to provide maximum flexible and seamless procurement experience. For any single organization of any size or industry targeting, everything can be quickly set up and configured — making a perfect fit with unique business demands and operation peculiarities. Use smart workflow process templates to get started nearly in no time. Now you can finally get the customization right as it’s meant to — having all you need to meet your business goals always at hand.

Real-Time Tracking

Get the full information about your Purchase Order fulfillment. Understand the cost of your commitments. Know how and when exactly you’ll deliver — let the frontline staff be always informed and never put the overall business profitability at risk. Nectain E-Order is the best-in-class Purchase Order management software to help you make only data-driven decisions and see the company’s operation immediately notified of any corrections or demand changes.

Guided Buying

Achieve greater spend under management by driving most of available off-catalog procurement to the minimum. Now users can quickly create purchase requisitions from any supplier — just taking any item they need and simply pushing it for approval through the normal process of purchasing. Forget about manual processing or data re-entry, as the new Purchase Order management tool by Nectain can automatically create requisitions, setting the right account code and routing it to the right supplier — so that everything can be converted to PO just as many times as necessary.

Fast Decision-Making

In the fast-paced world of business, today keeping up with ever changing customer demands and speedy market fluctuations is always a challenge. But with Nectain E-Order, your company and its overall profitability will be never at risk — as every fulfillment decision is based not only on existing supply and demand plans, but made up with the reference to accurate operational and financial impact modeling. Make only cost-effective decisions saving lots of time and continuously driving your better gains in efficiency.

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