Nectain E-Inventory

Powerful Inventory Optimization Software To Cope Better With Supply Chain Volatility

Spend smarter with improved Inventory Management giving you a clear strategic view and tight control of current stock levels in all categories


Reliable Inventory Management Solution For The Largest Business Asset On The Balance Sheet Of Your Company

End-to-End Spend Visibility

Nectain E-Inventory provides optimal end-to-end spend visibility into your inventory system, driving actionable insights on stock levels, usage, availability, on-hand balances, and fulfillment. Track and manage inventory levels, prevent your stock from overbuying, repurchases, excess buildup, or other wasteful spend. Reinforce your team with real-time visibility and Supply Chain responsiveness making it possible to leverage inventory assets efficiently for your business.

Inventory Streamlined

Now your company can quickly drive service levels up and costs down by taking unique advantage of configurable segmentation to see inventory optimization constantly running on its top-level efficiency. Use custom workflow process templates to quickly fine-tune our best practices in your Supply Chain. Get started fast, be flexible, achieve targets consistently — with reduced holding costs and inventory turns improved at their best.

Risk Management, Compliance

Nectain E-Inventory is a perfect inventory management solution designed to mitigate Supply Chain risks systematically using only accurate statistical data. That’s why we’ll never let you run into the most severe inventory optimization pain points, such an excessive amount of unwanted finished products and too high holding costs. Forget about disruptive production holdups caused by missing items with long lead time or due to the lack of even single critical component.

Actionable Insights & Planning

With a rocksolid inventory management solution by Nectain, you can always have a comprehensive view of every item the company has in stock for the moment. Use actionable insights to stay always informed in case some of products or parts aren’t performing to their target. Nectain E-Inventory has all you need to draft effective optimization strategies and quickly determine optimal policies at every link in Supply Chain — keeping them in alignment with all events planned by other departments.

Improve Your Inventory Management And Optimize Spend By Leveraging Assets Efficiently