Nectain E-Analytics

Powerful Spend Analytics For You To Make Fully Informed Decisions

Time to transform ever-growing amounts of spend data into REAL value. Leverage your Spending Analysis for maximum effective decision-making


The Power Of Spend Analytics & Business Intelligence For Continuous Improvement In Your Company

High Performance

Nectain E-Analytics offers the best-in-class software solution in spending analysis available for procurement leaders so far. Try the most intuitive and easy-to-use tool producing only powerful Business Intelligence, supported with innumerable customization options, self-explanatory Big Data charts, single benchmarking and KPI monitoring interface, as well as extremely useful prescriptions driven with the latest AI-based algorithms.

Friendly Spend Analytics

Now you can have a truly extensive statistical methodology and integrated predictive analysis toolkit for nearly unlimited long-term planning, flexible modeling, and reliable prognosis with an unprecedentedly high level of accuracy. Use pre-defined reporting feature and innovative set of Key Performance Indicators — to gain full understanding of your spend in any way you want, from Purchase Orders and invoices to drag-and-drop expense reports and much more.

Actionable Business Intelligence

Effective spend analytics is no more prohibitive or limited by strong technical background with the imperative need for extensive skills in Business Intelligence. With the latest findings and top-notch technologies delivered by Nectain, now even formidable amounts of Big Data of the highest complexity can be quickly pulled together and instantly put into action — in the simplest, totally error-free and perfectly accessible way ever seen in procurement

Interactive Data Sync.

Don’t let a single system keep your company from identifying and realizing best sourcing opportunities. Look at any spend in real time. Leverage the full potential of Spend Analytics for maximum normalized and cost-effective procurement— now all you need can be kept in secure cloud storage, being always available and, more importantly, readily accessible on every level of your organization-wide collaboration.

100% Visibility And Control You Need To Completely Eliminate Maverick Spend