This Autumn’s Next Arrival: NECTAIN NETWORK Officially Released

The original Business-Only platform open to international collaboration and enterprise-wide communication of the highest caliber...

Back In late November this year, we’re making the original Business-Only platform open to international collaboration and enterprise-wide communication of the highest caliber. Designed to be fully integrated with Nectain End-to-End Spend Management System, Nectain Network supports only mutually benefiting Supply Chain operations, providing companies with effective Strategic Sourcing and unprecedented Market Intelligence.

Nectain Network. New place for business collaboration

Remember, getting involved in Nectain Network means your company is getting the best user experience, with maximum smooth & seamless integration, and all-inclusive functionality fully compatible with the rest of popular Procurement platforms and ERPs.

Business Challenge —we believe most of every company in Procurement will need a single point of contact making things easier for smooth Supply-side coordination, seamless Process Automation and enterprise-wide Integration with other corporate ERP systems.

Solution by NECTAIN — try the original all-in-one portal for independent Business-Only “Social” Networking, quickly get in touch with the right Product Suppliers or Service Providers, prospect all potentially winning Supply Chain opportunities at ease, and get involved in Commercial Collaboration where every side of the deal wins.

Global Coverage — we strive to provide every company-user with a granular vision into the whole Supply Chain lifecycle, taking care of every possible role without exclusion (i.e., buyer-companies, online retailers/distributors, first-hand manufacturers, international suppliers, 3PL service providers, etc.).

Key Value Projection — every company joining us can reasonably expect the existing pool of reliable partners up by 30%, with average spend-under-procurement cut by nearly 10%, Supply Chain lifecycle potentially optimized by 10%, full compliance guaranteed, maximum effective document workflow, and the common risk of human error mitigated by approximately 50%.

How It Works

  • Step 1: Get Instantly Connected ⟶ Register Your New Enterprise Profile
  • Step 2: Complete Setup ⟶ Specify Your Company’s Role(s) In Supply Chain
  • Step 3: Select Industries & Vertical Markets Of Your Company’s Target
  • Step 4: Invite Your Best Partners ⟶ Set Trusted Relations With New Associates
  • Step 5: Initiate Mutual Collaboration And Keep Making Business With Us!
Get to know more about Nectain Network capabilities here
What About Meeting All Your Partners In A Single Point Of Contact?..     Now You Can Have Only Benefiting Supply Chain Connections — United Within The Leading Business-Only Procurement Ecosystem All Procurement Needs Of Your Company Can Be Finally Pulled Together! Nectain Network Is A New Place For Business Collaboration  

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