Nectain Announces New Business Partnership

Nectain is entering into a new strategic partnership to keep the existing pace of rapid market expansion!


Nectain And Ultra Technologies Concluded A Partnership Framework

Nectain team is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Ultra Technologies. This will help bring our new B2B portal for Supply Chain collaboration in a position to enforce its overall market presence and attract more corporate customers within the target region. This time the consolidation of efforts in the preparation to release the first global B2B procurement portal ever seen in Azerbaijan will be indispensable for its success.

Ultra Technologies is the leading company of Azerbaijan focusing on the establishment of secure data and resource centers by creating custom digital infrastructure and complex software solutions tailored individually to specific needs of the business. And we are very excited to team up and work together with such a professional and reliable official partner known on the market for over 16 years already.

Inspired by the recent progress achieved in the field of Effective Spend Management and Supply Chain Automation, now we look forward to making most out of this fresh partnership. We feel it’s destined to help us finish a new-brand product powered with the best findings and smartest developments of Nectain — and bring it right to conclusion, this time for B2B clients in Azerbaijan.

We are driven with the ambition to provide companies in Procurement with a powerful set of benefits making it possible — both for suppliers, and corporate buyers — to fully optimize their Procure-to-Pay operations, access 100% transparent tendering & bidding procedures offering best prices of the open market, get improved Supply Chain security making simple B2B collaboration, shorter cycle times, wider exposure & outreach, Global Sourcing and many other mutually benefiting opportunities designed to facilitate consistent growth and long-term business development.

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