Upcoming Event: The First International Procurement & Supply Chain Forum

Say hello to Nectain's crew in Kyiv — grab world-class Procurement insight that actually covers the most diverse range of Supply Chain expertise ever! See you!


Ukraine’s First International Procurement & Supply Chain Forum

Built around a strong desire to acquire and share exclusive Procurement experience and Global Sourcing insight of the highest caliber, Ukraine’s First International Procurement & Supply Chain Forum hosted in the very heart of Kyiv is all about exploring top-level business opportunities around the key industries.

With Nectain being an official sponsor, on June 5th this opening community meetup should lay the groundwork for the original world-class flagship conference series addressing the biggest problems of manufacturing & operations, warehousing, logistics, retail & distribution in Procurement and even the most extreme supply-side challenges almost always involving exceptional level of complexity and too much potentially wrong decision-making.

Join us for two days of totally informative and maximum insightful discussion, brilliant real-life case studies and genuine expert findings in Digital Transformation, Procurement Automation, and Effective Spend Management while peer-to-peer networking, peppered with the unforgettable gaming spirit of inclusive practical sessions (innovative business simulation for better strategic and operational planning). Get to know about the essential success factors in Supply Chain Management, such as maintaining globally-focused and, indeed, close links with the customers/suppliers, in line with introducing completely altered horizontal and cross-functional frameworks capable of supporting the right process management at their best.

Why Get Together in Kyiv?

  • World-class industry insight covering the most diverse range of expertise and special participants definitely worth establishing valuable business relations that last
  • Thought-provoking keynotes, insightful cases, and the best possible panel with the leading practitioners brought together to discuss, share, network and address industry challenges together
  • Meet-discuss new technologies and money-saving solutions by checking out innovative Spend Management toolkit proudly represented by Nectain team — you just cannot help but say hello to our crew in Kyiv!

Event Type: Original Conference Series

Target Audience: Supply Chain & Logistics Managers, C-suite Procurement/Finance leaders, Business Owners

Due Date: WED-THU, June 5-6th

Starting: 9:00 DEPO Conference Hall 50 Antonovycha str., Kyiv, Ukraine


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