Upcoming Event: “Retail In Russia — Path To The Consumer”

Nectain team addressing local issues in Retail and Logistics with industry-specific Spend Management solutions...


Nectain Team To Speak At “Retail In Russia — Path To The Consumer” Forum

On December 4, 2018, Nectain is going to attend another industry forum. This year, the event entitled “Retail In Russia —  Path to the consumer” is hosted in Moscow city (Marriott Royal Aurora hotel).

The forum is intended to address the issue of modern development & transformation in the retail industry, which drives changes in logistics affecting the sector of warehousing and its closely related real-estate market conjuncture.

Traditionally, the conference will be attended by CPOs, tech and operating directors, as well as logistics professionals, trademark owners, IT developers, shippers, and stakeholders.

Among the other topics, the highlight will be put on the new economic reality and, more specifically, quite delicate junction local retail industry has been destined to enter by now: growing VAT and energy pricing set under rapid expansion amid increasing gravity and extra pressure caused by foreign online merchants. At the same time, there is a strong trend currently known as a so-called “prudent consumption”, with its residual impact inevitably released all over the place. While Russian society keeps saving on common daily costs, too many local retailers are found now deadlocked with growing costs, and therefore a scarce opportunity to shift the burden of losses directly to the consumers.

At the conference, Nectain team is going to introduce the first performing End-to-End Spend Management Solution that would address the whole company’s Procure-to-Pay lifecycle —  leaving no gaps in Value delivered. And we’re convinced that such an unexampled Digital Procurement Ecosystem is meant to make B2B customers maximum viable, sustainable and profitable! What’s more —  Nectain has developed this modular solution with the idea of bringing maximum consistency, scalability and seamless integration opportunities to every business we’re serving.

Also, make sure to have a look at a little case presentation by Nectain. Don’t miss out a piece of invaluable insight on “The Way To Commercial Efficiency And Optimal Spend With Digital Ecosystem” to be proudly showcased by Ruslan Melnikov, being a Director of Sales and Business Development at Nectain.

Join us during the event, as our crew will be happy to share expertise in Effective Spend Management, show our live product demos, or just make friends! See you on December 4 during “Retail In Russia — Path To The Consumer” forum!

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