Past Event: ProcureCon IT Sourcing EU

Can we champion IoT, RPA, Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning to greater operational efficiency, customer experience, and business agility?..


Event Type: Annual Forum


Date: 4-5 December

Location: Amsterdam city

Latest Innovations, Company-wide Digital Transformation Strategies, and Innovative Sourcing & Category Management Initiatives Brought Together Within A Unique Community Of IT Sourcing Pros & Procurement Leaders
How we can champion IoT, RPA, Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning to drive operational efficiency, improve customer experience, build greater business agility, and much more…

Event At A Glance

ProcureCon IT Sourcing EU proved to be a great opportunity to make new friends and get in touch with top forward-thinking people in the industry. Among the others, the event delivered lots of in-depth considerations, real case studies, innovative ideas and approaches on the following:
  • The way of designing IT Procurement Team of the new generation
  • Building agile IT Procurement company and adapting it to the Digital Transformation
  • Traditional Category Management vs Project-based business unit focus
  • Procurement strategy for System Integration Services: from definition to implementation
  • Creating optimal IT synergies to drive user satisfaction and unlock value
  • Innovation Spotlight or how to leverage new market opportunities remaining innovative
  • Working with “niche” and “start-up” suppliers while encouraging innovation within the business

With lots of networking sessions, roundtables, breakout discussions and a wide variety of sessions, ProcureCon IT Sourcing EU became a really fun and engaging event in the industry. Nectain team highly appreciates all positive responses and requests for collaboration which followed our own dedicated presentation (a new-brand End-to-End Spend Management solution designed for enterprises of different scale and capacity).

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