Past Event: First International Procurement Forum Kyiv

Nectain's crew taking part in the First Procurement and Supply Chain Forum in Kyiv — more details in the recent event summary!


Event Type: Annual Forum

Topic: Procurement and Supply Chain Transformation

Date: June 5-6

Location: Kyiv city

Increasing business profitability through Procurement and Supply Chain transformation providing companies with the latest Innovative technologies, company-wide optimization strategies, and process rationalization practices…

Event At A Glance

The First International Procurement and Supply Chain Forum with Nectain being an official event sponsor proved to be a great opportunity for:

  • business CEOs to improve financial performance and optimize processes, in line with bringing the major KPIs right to accomplishment
  • enterprise owners to drive effective Spend Management and Procurement cost optimization to the maximum, as well as improved stability and greater transparency
  • CPOs to maximize commercial efficiency of the Procurement function providing high financial savings that meet their benchmark targets and even the most optimistic expectations
  • directors of Finance to reasonably minimize potential cash break and increase the overall profitability of the company
  • Business shareholders to achieve optimal ROI, accompanied with stable commercial growth and greater income-generating potential improved over the long haul

With a world-class industry insight that had covered a vast range of the most diverse expertise in Procurement and Digital Transformation is Supply Chain, every forum visitor got a nice opportunity to establish winning business relations that last, in line with checking out the latest software developments and growth-hack solutions proudly represented by Nectain team.

And, to our great pleasure, the First Procurement and Supply Chain Forum in Kyiv had encompassed lots of foolproof money-saving practices, in line with demonstrating some really thought-provoking keynotes, an innumerable amount of insightful cases, as well as the best possible panel with the leading Procurement and Supply Chain optimization practitioners, brought together to discuss, share and network the hottest topic in the modern industry…

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