Last updated: 16.08.2018 Our website, which is located at uses cookies. At this page you can get information on what cookies are, what types of cookies are used on this website, how and why they are used and find instructions on how you can disable them. If you cannot find information on cookies that you were searching for here, please contact Us in writing via e-mail at or via mail at Nectain B.V., Claude Debussylaan 10, 1082MD Amsterdam, the Netherlands. What are “cookies”? Cookies are text files that are placed and stored on your computer, mobile phone or other device by the websites that you visit. They enable the website you visit to remember your actions and preferences over a period of time, so you don’t have to re-enter them during the visit or subsequent visits of the same website. Some cookies can be deleted from your device when you close your web-browser (“session cookies”). However, some of them may remain stored on your device until deleted or until they reach their expiry date (“persistent”). Cookies that are in use on this Website In this section You may find out what cookies are used on this website: their provider, name, purpose of usage, type and their retention periods.
Provider Name Purpose Type Duration
Nectain pll_language This cookie is used by Nectain during the session to ensure the website language a user has chosen for the first time entering the Nectain website. First party, Persistent 1 year
How We are using cookies? On this website are used the following types of cookies: Strictly necessary cookies – these cookies are usually set in response to some actions on websites, such as filling in forms, or to error messages, if they arise on the webpage. They are essential, as without them some parts couldn’t work as they should. So they help Us to provide you with the full functionality of this website and fix it quickly if needed. Functionality cookies – these cookies allow websites to remember choices that visitors make (such as language that the visitor chooses or the region where the visitor is in). They enable Us to remember You and to provide You with an access to more personalized/customized website. Performance cookies – these cookies may include measurements on the popularity of a page, common patterns of how people browse around websites and how frequently a certain feature of it is used.  They enable Us to improve the performance and functionality of this website. This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. You can find out more regarding Google Analytics at On some pages of Our website We may include embedded content. When You visit a page with such embedded content or when You link to other website through links that You find on Our website, the service provider of this webpage or website sets its own cookies on Your web browser. We do not set or control the use of such third party cookies and cannot access them. You should check the third party websites for more information about them. How You can disable cookies Most browsers today allow You to view, accept, refuse, delete or block cookies for a website. Please note that due to removing or blocking cookies  some functionality of this website may no longer be available to You, including the ability to opt-out from cookies as this function itself requires placement of a cookie on your device. You can find guidance on how to control and manage cookies using your browser following the links that are presented below. Microsoft Internet Explorer Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari iOS Opera If You are interested in another type of browser You can third-party websites, for example, We may update Our Cookie Policy from time to time. Please regularly check this Policy to ensure that You are aware of the most updated version of it.