Government Procurement And eSourcing In Public Sector

Short statements about modern eSourcing and Government Procurement conveying all you need to know for leveraging best value from your procurement team.


Understanding Modern eSourcing In The Public Sector And Government Procurement (part 1)

The public sector and eSourcing landscape in government procurement have been rapidly evolving, particularly in recent years. For now, not only state officials worldwide have already faced increasingly mounting challenges to provide top-performing results in vendor sourcing under optimal budget funding. As today we’re being pushed towards equally sophisticated eSourcing technologies, complex software tools, as well as the new grounds and key values of accountability, transparency, ethics, impartiality, and service.

All that affects the modern business executives involved into public vendor sourcing, procurement leaders meeting their government partners, third-party suppliers, and contractors looking for the deal on eSourcing platforms and community-dedicated digital marketplaces.

Government eSourcing And Procurement : Quick Reference To Get Started 

To start doing business with the government and stay always compliant making supply chain collaboration totally visible and completely accessible to all interest groups, the live issue is — what cornerstone requirements, organizational initiatives and the major pain points of Public-Private partnership must be always on top of a seasoned executive? Below is a quick reference about collaborative innovation with 8 thin gs of top importance for government procurement and eSourcing. Now you can take a deep-dive into the public sector already knowing your role, understanding the required level of personal engagement, as well as the oversight needed to leverage greater value from your procurement team.

Here is the very basics of government procurement and eSourcing in the public sector. Use these simple take-away points as a foundational reference or keep something for you and your team as a helpful conversation starter.

Top 8 Key Take-Aways To Learn From Government Vendor Sourcing


Start with understanding your own role in the process of public procurement — get prepared to play a full part when determining the business need. Don’t shy to define expected performance results at once. Next, make sure you’re ready to provide the right level of personal engagement and oversight.

At the same time, relying on the expert skills of your procurement team would be great to quickly drive you maximum value, successfully navigating the realm of legislation and ethics right from your day one. Of course, it all depends on your governing arrangements, meaning chances are you will not be tasked with deciding on the final procurement approval.


We must always stay on the right side, particularly regarding certain daily activities and typical operations in eSourcing often touching on the ethical side of procurement in the public sector. All you need as a seasoned procurement leader is to ensure you’re well-guided on all common situations involving risks of spilling directly negative impact over the process of public vendor sourcing.

Also, keep in mind that you will often face relations which may be potentially perceived by the people as unethical, probably right from your day one at it. To protect your public procurement and government vendor sourcing from disruptions, you must necessarily drive ethical standards always high and actively foster a healthy business culture in your entity. Doing so, you will be able to effectively tackle lots of major supply chain risks — getting at least the most hazardous occurrences with the lion’s share of the worst-case scenarios instantly eliminated down the road.

Values & Principles

From now, public procurement must be primarily built around the principles of Accountability, Ethics, Transparency, Service, and Impartiality, supported by the key values of Professionalism. And your entity should be equally well-informed on those values, and also have a full picture of their actual implementation in state procurement and eSourcing in the public sector.

Such values and principles flowing from them are always found among the most delicate issues critical for effective procurement (simply because they’re all about determining how your entity is treated — both by suppliers and contractors — making things much the same for government partners you’re dealing with. Or course, if you want to see only good results achieved through effective procurement, not procurement mistakes after all.

to be continued…

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