eProcurement Software: 4 Ways It Drives Efficiency

Innovative eProcurement services and End-to-End solutions are meant to help organizations with great Procurement contribution to Source to Settle automation.


eProcurement Software: Business Benefits Boiled Down To One Short Passage

What Is eProcurement Software?

By definition, eProcurement software (otherwise, web procurement tools) are online applications designed for handling B2B Supply Chain activities. Apart from the very basics of routine process automation, smart eProcurement software can provide companies with a wide range of flexible options in Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Spend Management. Nowadays, the enterprises expect only high-value proposition to be guaranteed by default with every largely hyped tool or platform loudly advertised on the Internet.

But, unfortunately, the ability to accomplish this well depends heavily on how efficiently the Procurement Department is managing the company’s end-to-end operations. Even more — the key here is to find the right insights for getting the right data utilized across the right Supply Chain functions. At the same time, however, there aren’t such things as fully performing in-house or, say, manually-driven legacy technologies to offset a huge bulk of their inherent limitations. That’s why here is exactly when professionally tuned eProcurement software solutions come into play!

How eProcurement Software Helps Companies Achieve Their Goals

The most innovative eProcurement services and End-to-End solutions are meant to help organizations with great Procurement contribution acquire a fully automated Source-to-Pay cycle — from the very basic manual and routine actions (e.g., drafting contracts, reviewing PO documentation, processing invoices, handling payments) to global tasks commonly involving Big Data Analytics, Long-Term Prognosis & Planning, Effective Spend Management, etc. The modern CPOs and procurement teams will easily get a maximum unabridged and deep vision into their Vendor Spending — putting every operation and even the puniest detail under control. As a result, most of every enterprise can quickly uncover immense cost-saving opportunities with eProcurement software, as well as other commercial benefits from quality Process Optimization. Doing so, wise administrators and forward-looking business executives can support the entire enterprise with a truly critical advantage to make the edge on cutthroat-level market competition (it’s constantly heating and often goes to extremes, let’s face it).

4 Ways eProcurement Software Impacts Efficiency & Business Performance

The thing is that the latest innovation and digital solutions backed with smart automation technologies (i.e., RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) can do much more with greater commercial efficiency and productivity than most of the procurement organizations are actually in store for. Making the obvious choice for every wise CPO, here are 4 ways the right eProcurement software in the right hands can drive surefire decision-making and winning outcomes throughout all Source-to-Pay operations:

  • Greater Spend Visibility. Providing business with well-organized and structured data pulled together in a single place, a good eProcurement software solution drives improved contract compliance, better savings management, and new sourcing opportunities. It also enables centralized tracking and reporting of purchase requests, orders, payments, and transactions processed.

  • Significant Cost Reduction. Among the others, the most critical cost savings can be reasonably expected through the following areas of enterprise-wide performance: centralized demand aggregation, zero paper workflow, rework & human error risk mitigated, bidding process optimization, significantly lower transaction costs, in line with promoting well-established relations with suppliers and highlighting potentially missed sources of savings

  • Growing Business Productivity. It may sound like a no-brainer, but apart from their direct impact over business efficiency and productivity, eProcurement software systems can quickly release an invaluable human potential — making procurement teams free from bulk standard operations so that people can focus more strategic and value-adding tasks. At the same time, buyers will certainly benefit from using pre-approved catalogs and following consumer-like shopping rules — that will certainly improve the overall level of customer satisfaction and UX

  • Enhanced Transparency & Controls. eProcurement software systems not only drive significant cost reduction and greater business scalability. Apparently, digital tools built around the latest tech developments (like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.) makes it possible to replace certain human roles, handle routine actions, or even their clusters. But the thing is that eProcurement software fueled with the power of robotics can easily release a truly immense set of ongoing benefits, namely (but not limited to) high-speed operation round the clock, insanely improved quality management, 100% compliance with outlined rules and regulations, fully transparent & trackable performance.
    (Not to mention that professionally tuned eProcurement software systems must drive quick ROIs with impressive amounts speaking for themselves).

Now What?

Here at Nectain, we’ve got the full suite of End-to-End Spend Management Solutions available by way of individual modules (otherwise, stand-alone eProcurement software tools). Each of them is designed to help modern-day enterprises meet specific business goals and unique Procurement needs. And right now you can check out for Nectain E-Planning in action — just make sure to request demo.

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